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What’s a B3 Bomber Jackets

The history of bomber jackets goes back to 1931. On 8th May 1931, the first bomber jacket was issued. These jackets were originally manufactured for the pilots, so they are also called pilot jackets. These jackets are different from the others, commonly used ones. These are sheepskin jackets with shearling in the neck, sleeves, and body. These sheepskin jackets become very popular among the pilots because they were not only comfortable to wear, but also provides the required protection. Moreover, they are stylish and elegant as well. Sheepskin jacket is costly, but it worth the price. Later, in World War II the similar jackets were manufactured for the military soldiers as well and they were called the WW2 Bomber Jackets. Now they are commonly used by everyone. Shearling jacket men are easily available in the local and online stores. Shearling jacket women are really popular among women. For women, they are created in different colors and styles, as they are more curious about their looks.