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Antonio Banderas Once Upon A Time In Mexico Jacket


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Once Upon a Time in Mexico El Mariachi Jacket with Scorpion

  • These days dressing up in style with celebrity clothes is always a wonderful thing to go for; this jacket has been carried in the movie Once Upon a Time in Mexico and is a beauty which is commendable.
  • The jacket is made using suede leather material and features a very soft lining on the inside which helps improving the comfort as well as durability of stitching.
  • This jacket has a blue colored base and the patterns on the front are brown in color followed by a logo as well which makes it a perfectly seamless choice.
  • There are various sizes to go for and buyers may get their sizes customized as well, the length of this jacket itself is a bit shorter.
  • Sleeves of this jacket are also embellished and it has been provided with a front open kind of a layout too which is again a perfect enhancement.
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10 reviews for Antonio Banderas Once Upon A Time In Mexico Jacket

  1. Blake Barunga (verified owner)

    I love the way this jacket looks. It’s got a nice, rugged look and feel, and it’s warm and fairly easy to wear. I think after breaking it in for a few months it will be even the best one.

  2. Thomas Hoinville (verified owner)

    I bought this for my grandson for this winter. He was very happy with it, it looks nice, fits great, and looks like it will be plenty warm for this winter.

  3. Rory Vosper (verified owner)

    Nice, warm and good jacket, but I can’t judge fit — Ordered XXL, and recieved XXL (nice). going to give it to my brother, because he love this a lot, and I ordered it again for me. Please check your order list.

  4. Patrick Salier (verified owner)

    This is one of my favorite jackets. I used to wear this in college a while back, and it fit really nice and looked really fashionable because of the way the shoulders fitted. The jacket adds a younger look, which I like that it is removable so I can wear the jacket. I remember getting a random compliment from a woman when I walked around New York City, about how good the jacket looked.

  5. Dean Carne (verified owner)

    looks very well made, fits great,. I am too much glad when I worn and receive early.

  6. Gabriel Chamberlin (verified owner)

    I don’t have one of these jackets. It’s so warm I bought one just to have it . It’s warmer than any other brand I have. I farm and I’m outside a lot.Its quite attractive product.

  7. Elijah Scutt (verified owner)

    It fits just enough. I wish it was a little bit bigger. Could not return it because it was my son’s present. He accepted and love this jacket alot. I didn’t have idea about the situation. thankyou for giving this best jacket.

  8. Archer Gill (verified owner)

    I already had some amazing jackets but wanted one in Black too like this one. It is my go-to winter jacket. I ordered it and got with perfect size. Great Guys!

  9. Hayden Rossiter (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this jacket! Unfortunately it doesn’t fit me right. I bought it in 4 different sizes and the closest was Extra Large. Im 7’ 205lbs, about 44”chest. It was just too tight around the chest. I wish it had shoulder gussets to allow freer movement, but quite flexible. thankyou guys.

  10. Sebastian Milson (verified owner)

    Saw this exact same jacket at other price. This jacket looks great with amazing fabric while you wear a sloppy t-shirt underneath. It fits true to size. I love it!

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